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Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins & Photoshop Plugins Coupons

Free Photoshop Plugins Want some free Photoshop Plugins? See our amazing collection: The Best Free Photoshop Plugins - Free Photoshop Plugin Downloads. We also have discounts on the following Photoshop Plug-ins.

Topaz Labs Plugins — 15% Discount Coupon
Enter coupon code PHOTOSHOPSUPPORT during the checkout process at Topaz Labs for an instant 15% discount on any Topaz product, including bundles and upgrades.
Photoshop Plugins
Topaz Detail - Pro Level Photo Sharpening Plugin - 50% Off Sale
APRIL 12, 2014

Topaz Detail is like giving your computer an upgraded set of instructions telling it exactly what "detail" looks like in your image. With these instructions, your computer learns how add real sharpness to your images, instead of just naively increasing edge contrast.

Because of its unique technology, Topaz Detail naturally makes your photos look more "three-dimensional". So don't make another flat picture. Instead, use Detail to create a deep and rich moment in time, frozen in the frame of your photograph... so vivid that you feel like you could just walk right in.

Topaz is running a 50% promotion on Topaz Detail. Use coupon code "aprdetail" during checkout.

Topaz Detail

Topaz Detail will first analyze your entire image and determine what's detail and what's not. With that information, it can make your images tack-sharp - without increasing noise or causing other side effects. The final result can look so good that you'd think it had been that sharp all along. Try this method once and you'll never want to go back to the old way.

Enter our exclusive discount coupon code PHOTOSHOPSUPPORT during the checkout process at Topaz Labs for an instant 15% discount on any Topaz product, including bundles and upgrades.

Topaz Photoshop Bundle - Exclusive 15% Discount - Six Essential Photoshop Plug-Ins
Topaz Labs Photoshop plug-ins are specifically designed to expand a photographer's creative toolbox by harnessing powerful image technology developments.

The bundle lineup offers tools and features for creating pseudo HDR effects, adjusting color, exposure and detail, reducing noise and JPEG artifacts, masking and extraction, increasing smoothing and sharpening, creating artistic masterpieces and enhancing natural detail and tone. You can also use Topaz in Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto, PaintShop Pro, Serif PhotoPlus and Irfanview
. Learn more about the Plugins Bundle here, or read below.

Topaz Adjust (new version Adjust 4 just released — read full news on Adjust 4)
Deliver stunning and dynamic images with this uniquely powerful plug-in that features HDR-like abilities and enhances exposure, color and detail.
Topaz InFocus
Exclusive 15% Discount On All Topaz Plugins
Topaz InFocus uses the latest advancements in image deconvolution technology to restore, refine and sharpen image detail.
Topaz Detail
A three-level detail adjustment plug-in that specializes in micro-contrast enhancements and sharpening with no artifacts.
Topaz ReMask
The fastest and most effective masking and extraction program with one-click mask refining.
Topaz DeNoise
Highest-quality noise reduction plug-in that removes the most noise and color noise while preserving the most image detail.
Topaz Simplify
Provides creative simplification, art effects, and line accentuation for easy one-of-a-kind art.
Topaz Clean
Take control of the detail depth of your images with extensive smoothing, texture control and edge enhancement tools.
Topaz DeJPEG
Drastically improves the quality of web images and other compressed photos. Learn more about the Topaz Photoshop Plugins Bundle. Download a free trial version.
Photoshop Plugins

onOne Software for Digital Photographers – Exclusive 10% discountYou can choose from three different versions of Perfect Photo Suite 7, making it easy to match it up with your own workflow needs and budget. The three versions are Perfect Photo Suite 7 Premium Edition, Lightroom and Aperture Edition, and Standard Edition.

The Premium Edition is the version of Perfect Photo Suite 7 that has been available since October 31, 2012. It offers photographers the greatest flexibility and seamless integration of Perfect Photo Suite 7 with their workflow of choice. The Premium Edition provides all of the functionality of the Lightroom & Aperture and Standard Editions—offering direct access to modules from Lightroom, Aperture, and as a standalone.

The Lightroom and Aperture Edition of Perfect Photo Suite 7 is designed for the photographer who does not use Photoshop but uses Lightroom or Aperture as the hub of their photo management and editing workflows. It provides powerful image editing tools that do not exist in those products and gives them the ability to extend their image editing power, maximize their creativity, and solve the most common problems in photo editing.

The Standard Edition allows usage of the entire Perfect Photo Suite 7 as a standalone application. This edition is ideal for those who don't shoot RAW or use Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, or Apple Aperture but still want to enhance, stylize, and retouch their JPG images with a professional touch, and create and edit multi-layered files without Photoshop.

Photoshop Plugins
Photoshop Masking Plugin Fluid Mask 3 - Price Drop And Exclusive Instant Discount - Now Only $129

Vertus have released new versions (Mac and PC) of Fluid Mask, v3.2.5. This fixes the issue that 64-bit PC users were having installing Fluid Mask as a plug-in and also includes some bug fixes relating to the licensing aspect of the software, as well as a small tweak to the 'show object edges' tick box (now user defined). This is a free update for exisitng users, who can download the new version. Vertus is also running a promotion with this release. Use coupon code FM3UPDATE at checkout. This gets you a 33% discount. This coupon code is not valid with any other promotional discount and is good until January 15.

Photoshop Masking Plugin Fluid Mask 3 - Price Drop And Exclusive $20 Instant Discount - Now Only $129The 4 1/2 out of 5 star review of Fluid Mask 3 at MacWorld begins by saying that this "Photoshop plug-in takes the pain out of extracting backgrounds," and goes on to recommend the latest version, stating that "Fluid Mask 3.0.2 is a very effective tool for separating objects from their backgrounds. It offers a variety of useful features for tackling almost any difficult image, from wispy hair to complex foliage. Online video tutorials and live training sessions help ease the learning curve."

Our friends at Vertus, the makers of Fluid Mask 3 Photoshop Plugin, have set up a special exclusive discount for Buy now for only $129. Just follow this discount link and instantly get $20 off your purchase of Fluid Mask 3.

Fluid Mask 3 is designed for photographers, image editors, graphic designers and all those who take digital image editing seriously. In a streamlined interface and workflow, Fluid Mask 3 instantly shows key edges in the image and provides comprehensive easy to use tools that work with difficult-to-see edges and tricky areas like trees & lattices. Fluid Mask will also preserve all-important edge information for a professional quality cut out. Simply follow this discount link and pay only $129 for Fluid Mask 3.
Photoshop Plugins
Site Grinder Web Design Tool

SiteGrinder Photoshop Plugin - Create Websites Instantly There often seems to be a strict division of labor within the world of web design and development. Creative professionals tend to stick to the Photoshop domain, while those well-versed in scripting are left to the task of implementing their work. Indeed, the two realms are quite different from each other, to which any of us even vaguely familiar with either can easily attest.

Essentially, Photoshop is a no-holds-barred design studio, offering the artist a seemingly endless array of creative options. On the other hand, HTML, CSS, Java and the like follow strict rules of engagement, requiring the developer to take any number of esoteric concerns into consideration in order to ensure that designs are properly displayed on the web.

Turn Photoshop Into A Complete Web Design Tool
SiteGrinder seeks to bridge this gap between design and development. Basically, SiteGrinder turns Photoshop into an easy-to-use and fully functional web design tool. With SiteGrinder, designers will now have the freedom to totally let their creativity loose and then, without skipping a beat, transfer their designs to the web. Bringing esthetic concerns together with more practical considerations, SiteGrinder is an amazingly powerful tool that would make a fantastic addition to any web designer's bag of tricks. Mac OS X and Windows versions of the SiteGrinder unlockable demo are available now via download.

Media Lab's NEW SG3xpress for Wordpress Photoshop plug-inWordPress Photoshop Plug-in Creates Wordpress Blogs & Sites

Designers can now create PSD to WordPress Themes in Photoshop with Media Lab's NEW SG3xpress for Wordpress Photoshop plug-in. In addition, Media Lab has released the SG3xpress Add-on for its SiteGrinder 3 for users who wish to add advanced blog and WordPress Theme-building to the already powerful SiteGrinder 3 website creation software.

If you know Photoshop then you already know enough to start creating WordPress themes and blogs for yourself and your clients. Creating a blog or a WordPress site in Photoshop is easy with SG3xpress. Now you can go directly to WordPress with your design saving even more time and money for yourself and your clients.
Photoshop Plugins
AutoFX PhotoGraphic Edges - Review
Review by Jennifer Apple

A few years ago I was in charge of putting together a monthly film magazine and I was constantly looking for ways to make the pages look more visually appealing. Photo/Graphic Edges came to the rescue! I could select a frame or edge, make a couple of quick tweaks, and suddenly I had a highly stylized photo to drop into the layout.

Photo Frames, Borders & Edges - AutoFX Photo/Graphic Edges

To show the various effects of Photo/Graphic Edges I've used just one single image. This will make it easier to see just how much the mood and feeling of a photo can be changed by incorporating different edges and frames.

Read the full PhotoGraphic Edges review (includes link to free demo).
Photoshop Plugins
Mister Retro Machine Wash Photoshop Plugins 4-CD Bundle

Mister Retro has combined all four Machine Wash Image Filter Volumes I-IV into a single bundle for one low price. Each volume contains 60 Image Filters to texturize, age, and weather layered artwork in Photoshop.

Mister Retro Machine Wash Photoshop Plugins 4-CD BundleThe bundle collection includes all 240 weathering, distress, and tactile effects on four CDs. Here's a link to the Machine Wash 4-CD Bundle, and below you'll find a link to a live online testdrive where you can use a pulldown menu to see how the actual Photoshopplugin filter effects look.

Machine Wash Vol I, II, III, IV Filters
View the Machine Wash Vol I Filters.
View the Machine Wash Vol II Filters.
View the Machine Wash Vol III Filters.
View the Machine Wash Vol IV Filters.

Machine Wash Filters FAQ
What applications can I use these filters in?
These filters have been developed and tested for use with Adobe Photoshop 6.0 to the current CS3 version as well as now supporting Photoshop Elements 1.0 and higher.

Mister Retro Machine Wash Photoshop Plugins 4-CD BundleWhen I apply the filter, is it undoable?
Yes it is! While the wash effect will be applied to your original image, by using the Undo command or the Photoshop History palette, you can undo the wash effect.

How do I get the cool rusted background effect?
Within the plug-in interface, there is a Heavy Cycle option which will create a rust coloration effect underneath the distressed design. You can easily customize the coloration of the rust to your choosing by way of clicking the foreground and background rust colors to pull up a color picker.

Are the filters customizable?
You can use any number of additional built-in Photoshop effects to modify the filters once they're applied, We've created a bonus online forum with sections that teach you how to extend the range of effects these filters can create and modify the look of the wash effects.

Visit the Mister Retro site for more info.
Photoshop Plugins
Permanent Press Image Filter - Photoshop Plugin From Mister Retro

Permanent Press Image Filter - New Photoshop Plugin From Mister RetroWith Permanent Press, a powerful and easy-to-use Photoshop plug-in, you can create professional quality vintage offset printing and ink effects with any design, photograph, type treatment or image.

Realizing that printing technology has left printed work without the texture, soul, or the spirit of vintage printing, Mister Retro created the Permanent Press Photoshop Plugin set.

Take any design, photograph, type treatment, or image and transport them to another time and aesthetic with this powerful and easy-to-use plug-in GUI interface. Read more about this new Photoshop Plugin.
Photoshop Plugins
Visit the Photoshop Plug-ins News Page for more in-depth coverage of the latest Photoshop Plugins news. Want some free Photoshop Plugins? See our amazing collection: The Best Free Photoshop Plugins - Free Photoshop Plugin Downloads.
Photoshop Plugins
Akvis Photoshop Plugins

Visit our Akvis page to find info on Akvis Enhancer, Akvis Retoucher, Akvis Decorator, Akvis Photo-To-Sketch, Akvis Frame Suite, and Akvis LightShop.
Photoshop Plugins
Page Curl Pro & Puzzle Pro From AV Bros. - Review

Read a review of Page Curl Pro and Puzzle Pro. You'll also find a special 15% discount for these products, and an interview with Page Curl Pro co-creator Alex of AV Bros.
Photoshop Plugins
For more news vsit our Plugins News Archives Page...
Photoshop Plugins
Photoshop Plugins - Introduction to Photoshop Plugins - Plugin Essentials
Introduction to Photoshop Plugins - Plugin Essentials
Harald Heim of the Plugin Site (listed below) has written a great Photoshop plugins introduction here with all you need to know to understand plugins and start using Photoshop plugins right away. He addresses issues such as incompatibilities, explains the differences between free and commercial plugins, and offers advice on installing your plugins, on organizing your plugins on the hard drive, and on accessing and managing your plugins.
Photoshop Plugins
Photoshop Plugins - The Plugin Site - plug-ins collection
The Plugin Site - Plugins Collection
You'll find a vast collection of plugins here.
 PhotoFreebies is a collection of free Photoshop plugins for performing useful photo manipulations and effects - including sepia effects, saturation gradients, b/w conversion, color space transformations and many more.
 Harry's Filters is a set of over 50 Photoshop-compatible and Adobe Premiere plugins with various effects.

Photoshop Plugins - PluginsWorld - Photoshop Plug-ins Directory
PluginsWorld - Photoshop Plug-ins DirectoryPluginsWorld - Photoshop Plug-ins Directory
This site was created to group all Adobe plugins. Plugins can be displayed by list, categories or by editor. There's a search engine, and the ability to add comments about each plugin listed on the site. This is a great, wonderful resource!

Photoshop Plugins - Free Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop plug-ins
Free Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop plug-ins
As you browse the site, you will discover over 200 pages with over 300 freeware and commercial reviews, each rated for usefulness and functionality. Over 90 companies and authors are featured. There are plenty of free Photoshop plugins, filters, styles, shapes, gradients, brushes, textures and patterns to download. Also offers a good tutorial page.

Photoshop Plugins - Grafnet - Plugin Site
Grafnet - Plugin Site
This is a really good resource for seeing the actual effects of a variety of plugins. Currently there are 3,180 descriptions of Photoshop filters. The site is growing and worth keeping an eye on.

Photoshop Plugins - Power Retouche Photoshop Plugins
Power Retouche photoshop plugins for professional photo retouching and photo editing offers 20 quality photo editing and retouching tools. Sharpen without creating halos. Correct lens distortions from pincusion, panorama and barreling. Anti-aliasing filter. Exposure correction up to at least four stops. Photographic saturation. Radial exposure and brightness correction.
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PHOTO CREDIT: Monterey Bay Aquarium & Chicago airport.
© 2003 halfstring - [from iStockPhoto]

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Topaz Photoshop Plugins 15% Instant Discount - Exclusive 15% Coupon Code
Topaz Photoshop Plugins 15% Instant Discount - Exclusive 15% Coupon Code
Topaz Photoshop Plugins 15% Instant Discount - Exclusive 15% Coupon Code
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Topaz Photoshop Plugins 15% Instant Discount - Exclusive 15% Coupon Code
Topaz Photoshop Plugins 15% Instant Discount - Exclusive 15% Coupon Code
Topaz Photoshop Plugins 15% Instant Discount - Exclusive 15% Coupon Code
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