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Royalty Free Stock Photos DIRECTORY

Royalty Free Stock Photos DIRECTORY
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We also have a free stock photos directory.

Royalty-Free Stock Photo News

UpperCut Images Offers Rights-Protected Images by A-List Photographers
UpperCut Images Stock PhotosUpperCut Images has entered the stock photography market armed with a not-so-secret weapon: great images by great photographers. With a masterful collection, an elite roster of photographers and advanced rights protection, UpperCut Images is awakening the design world with its artistic commercial offerings.

UpperCut Images Stock PhotosAfter carefully analyzing the market's demographic trends and needs, UpperCut Images recruited nearly 100 photographers - including industry heavyweights and promising newcomers - to contribute and shoot new images. The result: a talent pool that includes Sean Kennedy Santos, Darryl Estrine, Paul Aresu, David Maisel, Richard Radstone, and Chase Jarvis, to name just a few.

UpperCut Images is also setting itself apart by rights protecting its entire collection. Every image includes spot rights protection, which prevents use by direct competitors during the duration of each image's license. UpperCut Images also offers advanced licensing options, including media, industry and territory rights protection, allowing for flexible combinations to accommodate client needs and budget. Built-in spot protection, plus UpperCut's new-to-market images, are breakthrough offerings in the stock world.

Read the full UpperCut Images Press Release. Stock Photo Site Launched
[From] provides royalty-free photos of people, available for individual purchase and download. The new site currently offers more than 5,000 images of people, all model released, in a single high resolution, grouped in such categories as Families, Couples and Children. An interesting feature is the ability to display all the images available featuring a particular model, of which there are currently more than 40.

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Fotosearch Stock Photography
Fotosearch Stock PhotographyFotosearch Stock Photography features over two million images and royalty-free photos from more than 100 top publishers. Users can search via the keyword box at the top of each page or through the advanced search facility. With the slogan of "Find the Perfect Photo Fast!", the idea is that you can save a lot of time by doing a search through many publishers all at one time rather than having to go from site to site to site.
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Acclaim Images
Acclaim Images - STOCK PHOTOS - AGENCYAcclaim Images offers original stock photos direct from the photographer, instant access, photo requests, lightboxes, and bulk discounts. Each photo-page has a direct link to the photographer/artist. No login is required to use our lightbox or to get prices.
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Comstock Images
Comstock - STOCK PHOTOS - AGENCYFor over 25 years Comstock has been one of the world's most renowned photo agencies with a reputation for professionalism and integrity amongst the clients it serves and the photographers it represents.
Comstock specializes in commercial stock imagery (especially model released "Lifestyle" and "Business" imagery), produced by some of the finest professional photographic artists in the world. 
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Corbis - STOCK PHOTOS - AGENCYCorbis' images can be licensed and client advisory services are available around the clock - including subject matter and conceptual research, rights management and clearances, and production expertise.
Founded by Bill Gates in 1989, Corbis is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo.
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Dreamstime - STOCK PHOTOS - AGENCYPhotographers and designers using film or digital equipment are now enabled to sell their portfolio of images online. The concept here is based on creating a powerful photo community, providing royalty free images and royalty free stock imagery or photos to DTP or web designers, photos for printing brochures, advertisements or magazine ads and electronic use on websites.
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Getty Images
GETTY IMAGES - STOCK PHOTOS - AGENCYGetty Images is the world's leading imagery company. From sport and news photography to archival and contemporary imagery, Getty Images' products are found each day in newspapers, magazines, advertising, films, television, books and websites. Two iconic collections of historic imagery, Hulton Archive and Time Life Pictures, have recently been added to create one of the world's most extensive online collections of archival imagery.
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Index Stock Imagery
Index Stock Imagery is a leading source of photographs, illustrations, and digital imagesIndex Stock Imagery provides visual content to advertising and design agencies, magazine, newspaper, book and new media publishers, and to the rapidly growing markets of small business users and desktop publishers.
Index Stock Imagery is a leading source of photographs, illustrations, and digital images. With more than 650,000 images, it is one of the largest and most complete online collections of images in the world, including both rights managed and royalty free photos and illustrations. .
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Corbis - STOCK PHOTOS - AGENCYInmagine stock photography is a leading supplier and distributor of some of the world's best Royalty Free Stock Photography. They have developed their site to be a one-stop resource for all the needs of graphic designers, creative directors, art directors, broadcast designers, website designers, multimedia designers and desktop publishers.
Currently they have more than 380,000 Royalty Free stock photos. Each stock photo is embedded with precise information such as pixel size, color mode, the uncompressed file size and compressed file size.
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iStockPhoto - stock photographyiStockPhoto members are a part of an international community of artists creating a huge database of Royalty Free content.
Register to receive a free credit and download a free file. You can also download and use their free image of the week.
The photos are generally medium to hi-resolution, Royalty Free images: this means you can use them for a wide range of applications including print, web and video.
Also browse through the forums on design and photography.
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iStockPro - stock photographySign up for your account and purchase images with your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express card.
Members of iStockPro also enjoy other benefits, such as access to the free image of the week, liteboxes to save all of your favorite images, and unlimited access to your previous purchases.
With colorsearch™, you'll find the perfect image for your project, fast. And with imagezoom™ technology you'll be able to see each image up close.
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liquidlibrary - stock photographyliquidlibrary draws on the extensive experience of its parent company, Dynamic Graphics, a stock image supplier to the international graphics community since 1964. Dynamic Graphics continues to expand its image library, purchasing high-quality illustrations from freelance artists around the world.
Dynamic Graphics also creates three widely distributed publications for professional graphic designers: STEPinside design magazine, SBS Digital Design newsletter and Dynamic Graphics Magazine.
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StockVisuals - stock photographyStockVisuals have created an online artist community that displays original images by independent artists and photographers - both professional and amateur - from around the world. They are striving to bring the stock art industry to a grass-roots level, enabling individual customers and companies everywhere to purchase these images. They also specialize in high-quality/low-cost custom illustration.
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VEER - stock photography agencyVeer provides visual elements for use in professional creative work, such as graphic design, motion design, advertising and filmmaking. Their products include stock photography, illustration, maps, and motion clips, as well as typefaces.
Register online to get free photo downloads and product samples.
Also look for Fancy, Veer's new line of deluxe royalty-free photography. The collection is conceived, created, and produced by Veer and a distinguished team of art directors and photographic talent. The brand and images are fresh and stylish, blending visual artistry with strong commercial appeal.
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PHOTO CREDIT: Green clothespins. © 2003 diane39 - [from iStockPhoto]
Doubled and flipped by Eric of Futura Studios

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