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The Plugin Site Releases Harry's Filters 3.0, A Free Plug-in With 69 Image Effects
Press Release - February 16, 2004

The Plugin Site is proud to announce Version 3.0 of Harry's Filters for Windows. Harry's Filters 3.0 is a free Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 69 useful image effects. Harry's Filters can be used with dozens of different image editing applications, e.g. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, PhotoImpact and many others.

What's New in Version 3.0
Harry's Filters 3 includes 14 new filter effects, 30 new presets, a new blending feature with 20 blending modes and a new brightness slider. The preview was enlarged by 200% and several of the old filters have been improved. An incompatibility, which kept the previous version from fully working in Paint Shop Pro 8, has also been fixed.

The most intriguing enhancement in the new version is the Play feature, which displays animations in the preview. After pressing the Play button the current effect will be animated with random slider values. To make better use of this feature there are two combo boxes for choosing a frame-per-second value and one of five possible speeds. While the animation is displayed in the preview you can still use all controls, e.g. change the zoom, change a slider value, choose another effect and so on.

Impressive Effects
The plug-in includes 69 effect filters in one dialog. This lets you choose the appropriate effect without hassling through different menus and dialogs. The main effect categories are called Color, Artistic, Gradients, Patterns, Warp, Noise, En/Decrypt, Other and Nature. They include filters for changing the image color or mood, for creating artistic effects, producing colorful gradients or impressive patterns, warping images, adding special noise effects to images and encrypting and decrypting images with 64 bit keys. Furthermore, it produces various zoom, mirror or paint effects as well as simulations of natural phenomenons like tornados, lightning and flames.

Amazing Features
Harry's Filters 3.0 is very easy and comfortable to use. It can be applied to 8bit RGB and Grayscale images. A Play button plays back random slider settings as animations. Frame rate and speed of the animation are adjustable. In addition to its entertainment value this feature lets you create interesting random effects and explore the possibilities of each filter effect. There is also a Jump button for producing random settings without an animation. Options for saving and opening effect presets allow the user to store his favorite effects and reuse them later. More than 120 presets are already delivered with the product. An instant preview check box animates the preview while a slider is dragged, which facilitates effect adjustments.

Availability & System Requirements
Version 3.0 of Harry's Filters is available for Windows, but Version 1.0 can also be used on the MacOS 8/9. A MacOS X version of Harry's Filters is planned. Harry's Filters is freeware and can be downloaded from The Plugin Site. There's also a commercial and enhanced version of Harry's Filters with even more sophisticated effects called Plugin Galaxy.

Company Info
The Plugin Site is located in Nuremberg, Germany, and develops graphics, video and web software. We also created the ColorWasher, FocalBlade, Plugin Galaxy, Plugin Commander, HyperTyle, Edge & Frame Galaxy, Photo Galaxy and HTML Shrinker products. We co-produced Alpha Magic with Pinnacle Systems and currently co-develop FilterMeister with AFH Systems.

For Further Info Contact
Harald Heim
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