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Lightroom 4: Importing and Organizing Your Images - HD Video Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 - $79 Upgrade, $149 Full

Lightroom is the essential digital photography workflow solution helping amateur and professional photographers quickly import, manage,
enhance and showcase their images. Lightroom 4 is now available for US$149 for the full version and US$79 for the upgrade.
Lightroom 4 introduces refined technology for superior shadow and highlight processing, ability to create photo books,
additional local adjustment controls, and enhanced video support. Lightroom 4 is a major release, adding significant new capabilities and innovations.
New adjustment controls maximize dynamic range from cameras, recovering exceptional shadow details and highlights.
The software features new and improved auto adjustments to dynamically set values for exposure and contrast,
and additional local adjustment controls including Noise Reduction, Moire and White Balance.

Visit the official Photoshop Lightroom 4 Center for full details and free tutorials.

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