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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration
Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - Ben Willmore
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Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - Ben Willmore
Adobe Photoshop Inspiration - Ben WillmoreBen Willmore is the founder of Digital Mastery, a training and consulting firm dedicated to helping graphic arts professionals master the electronic tools of their trade. Ben also writes for several magazines, covering issues such as color correction, production, efficiency, and special effects. He is a regular speaker at Photoshop events, including PhotohopWorld.

Here is what he sent in with the selected piece we are featuring:

Attached is an image that I think is interesting... I don't really have any favorites though. It took two episodes of Walker Texas Ranger to complete the image (I don't remember if those are a 1/2 hour or an hour long).

I made the image using Shape Layers and Layer Styles, which gives this image some unique qualities.

I can scale it down to a 4K file size, e-mail it to someone else and they can scale it up to poster size without degrading the quality at all (shape layers and layer styles are scalable without quality loss). I was also experimenting with Vector Masks, which is what made it possible to get the look of intertwined shapes.

The details of how I watch bad television and experiment with Photoshop are detailed in the last chapter of the PhotoshopWorld Dream Team Book.

For tips and tricks, magazine articles, color management resources, and more from Ben Willmore visit our Ben Willmore Page.

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