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Photoshop Elements 3 For Beginners - DVD
Photoshop Elements 3 For Beginners - DVD - Scott Kelbyby Scott Kelby
Published by New Riders
ISBN: 0321316290; Published: Oct 25, 2004
review by Eric Martin

Adobe is famous for giving their software lots of power under the hood, and with Photoshop Elements 3 they continue in this tradition. With version 3 Photoshop Elements now has many of the features that are found in the full version of Photoshop.

The problem with a program that's this powerful is that it comes with a much steeper learning curve. Luckily help is on the way from Photoshop Elements 3 For Beginners.

This Mac/PC DVD provides 90 minutes of training from Scott Kelby, author of The Photoshop Elements 3 Book for Digital Photographers and President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Jump Right In
Software programs can be overwhelming and manuals often very confusing, so it's a real relief to have this DVD with the always inspired (and inspiring) Scott Kelby leading you through the screens and the buttons and the countless options that you'll encounter. And if you're coming to version 3 through an upgrade path from Photoshop Elements 2, you'll get info and tips on all the new features — like Photo Compare, Smart Fix, Quick Fix Mode, the Spot Healing Brush, the Cookie Cutter Tool, and many others.

Camera RAW Explained
A huge bonus on the DVD is a very good explanation of the Camera RAW Format. Scott Kelby makes it easy to understand and points out which options to choose when saving your digital camera files in this format. The beginner will finally be able to work in this format with confidence and ease.

DVD Chapters
The chapters on the DVD are as follows: Viewing & Organizing, Editing Photos, Retouching, Fixing Common Problems, Output Projects, Layer Effects & Filters, and Creations. This covers almost all the bases in the program. My one complaint is that the video and audio were of lower quality than what I have seen on other training DVDs.

Step-By-Step Tutorials
Another nice touch is that the lessons are not just walkthroughs of the tools, but are actual step-by-step tutorials that show you how to create many of the most popular Photoshop effects. Here are some of the features on the DVD:

  • Getting images into the Elements Organizer, cataloging, and more
  • Setting up your interface and improving the overall look of your photos
  • How to use the Clone Stamp Tool and Healing Brush to fix up your photos
  • How to deal with typical digital camera challenges such as exposure problems, red eye and more
  • Creating Contact Sheets, Picture Packages, and Panoramas
  • Adding special effects to layers and apply filters to images
  • Creating your own slide shows, calendars, and greeting cards

Photoshop Elements 3 For Beginners is a great way to jump in and learn the ins and outs of Elements 3 quickly and thoroughly. Ninety minutes later you'll be ready to start your own projects in Elements 3 with a complete understanding of the tools and options. And you'll also have some great ideas for projects from the step-by-step tutorials you'll have completed with Scott Kelby who, as always, keeps you attentive with his high energy and unbridled enthusiasm.

More Resources
KW Media Group recently began the Photoshop Elements Techniques newsletter, published The Photoshop Elements 3 Book for Digital Photographers (also by Scott Kelby) and launched the companion site.

Where To Buy
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© 2004 Eric Martin of Futura Studios

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